To get access to these tools in your learning management system or Google Classroom you will need to contact the owner of this system.

Python Data

This is an autograder for PHP data assignments for chapters 11-14

Python Autograder

This is an autograder for the assignments from (Python for Everybody).

SQL Autograder

This is an autograder for PHP assignments from


This tool allows you to track as students access and watch a YouTube video. You can track both student launches and vierwing behavior within the video. You can assign grades to students for watching the video or based on how much of the video they have watched.

Tsugi LTI to Slack Bridge

Slack automatic enrollment..

Course Map

This provides a simple Google map for a course where participants can indicate their location and control how much information they release to those viewing the map.

Peer-Graded Dropbox

This tool provides a structured dropbox that can take images, URLs, text and code. These tools can be peer-graded, instructor graded, or a blend of peer and instructor graded assignments.


This tool provides a quiz engine that supports the GIFT format. GIFT is a line-oriented plain text question format that is simple to understand and easily edited by hand or even stored in a repository like github.

Grade View

This tool allows both the students and instructors to view their grades for a course across all the LTI tools on this server. This tool also provides simple grade review and maintenance tools for instructors.

Simple Attendance Tool

This is a simple attendance tool that allows the instructor to set a code and the students enter the code.